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[2000-08-12-CZW-Blood, Sweat & Violence] Zandig vs Justice Pain vs Lobo (Barbed Wire Boards)


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Awful booking of this show as we have two big matches that were fun but ended in bad finishes. Instead, we have Pastor Jim and some weird skit that doesn’t land at all and you can’t hear them at all. Then Justice Pain comes out and cuts a promo and you can’t hear a word of that either. Finally Zandig enters and the match is just awful. Zandig is unmotivated and they just go through the corners of weapons with no rhyme or reason. Robbie Mireno on commentary adds nothing. Lobo finally comes out and doesn’t do much of anything before escaping with the win. Zandig calls out Lobo afterwards to set up Cage of Death. Dreadful stuff to end the night. *

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This was interminable. Even the pre-match was just endless and pointless and awful. Then the match itself is just mindless wandering and a few hardcore spots with no investment at all. Lobo comes out and it's another convoluted ending followed by even more post-match stuff that seems to go on and on. This was dreadful.



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I have no idea what that beginning segment was but it went over like a fart in church so to speak. The match was pretty bad with Zandig blowing a simple suplex. Apparently this is a lumberjack match with barbwire instead of straps. Just lots of setting up spots and half ass brawling. One of the worst matches of the year.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-12-CZW-Blood, Sweat & Violence] Zandig vs Justice Pain vs Lobo (Barbed Wire Boards)
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Some guy called ‘Honest’ Jim, who is dressed like a minister, is holding court in the ring, only you can’t make out a single word that he’s saying.  No idea what was going on here, although Jon Dahmer shows up carrying a barbed wire covered cross several minutes into ‘Honest’ Jim’s speech.  When they’re finally finished the barbed wire boards are brought out and Eric Gargiulo says how this match is different to last month as Zandig knows that Lobo is here “he’s not pulling any of that crap about going to ECW, about going to WCW”  Like ECW, let alone WCW would be interested in Lobo?  Zandig must be pretty gullible he fell for that line! 

Justice Pain is the first of the three to make his entrance and has got something to say himself, only the same situation as previous in that you can’t hear any of it.  Cool military press dropped into a ‘Diamond Cutter’ by Zandig which they call a ‘Zandig Cutter’.  Justice teases taking the first bump into the barbed wire board, putting the brakes on just in time, but it is Zandig who ends up doing so courtesy of a Pain savate kick.  It looks like he breaks Zandig’s nose with that kick as he’s leaking blood from it.  From that opening spill it is literally one bump after another into the barbed wire, nothing builds, none of them mean anything.  There is one unintentionally funny moment where  Zandig gives up on a suplex as his leg starts shaking uncontrollably when he lifts Pain up and has to put him back down.  Our ‘fighting champion’ Lobo shows up eight minutes in and sets up a further board between some chairs out at ringside.  Justice hip tosses the referee into the barbed wire and this idiot is trying to untangle himself in the way of the wrestlers.  Lobo physically has to move him out the way as Zandig and Pain are stood waiting to do the next spot.  Justice hits his finisher on Zandig but as he makes the cover Lobo folds one of the boards over and on top of him, covering them both to retain the title as the fans chant “bullshit”.  Afterward Zandig and Lobo set up the ‘Cage of Death’ match with thankfully House and Gargiulo explaining to everyone watching at home what’s happening because the audio is still unintelligible.

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