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[2000-08-14-WCW-Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T


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My eyes just glaze over with these two wrestling. They have their greatest hits match. The referee gets wiped out with a guitar shot from Booker. Booker goes for the sidekick and misses but the leg is hurt. After 20 minutes of action, they are deciding that is hurt again. Jarrett hits the Stroke and pins Booker but Goldberg runs in for the DQ. He tells Russo 1 down, 2 to go and that Vince should watch his ass because he is next. *1/2

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Why on earth is Jarrett getting another title shot on Nitro after Booker decisively and cleanly beat him at the PPV last night? Oh, apparently this is his final shot at the World title although I’m not buying that. Booker showing no ill signs of that bad knee which had been troubling him and that ‘Double J’ attacked relentlessly last night. Sleeper hold and Jarrett breaks it with a back kick low blow. Crossbody off the top but Booker rolls through for a two count. A dropkick sends ‘the Book’ under the bottom rope to the outside where Jarrett whips him into the guard rail. Rear chinlock with ‘Double J’ digging his knee into Booker’s back for added pressure. He grabs his guitar and goes to waffle Booker with it, but ‘the Book’ ducks under the shot and snatches him for ‘the Book End’. Knee to the groin puts a stop to that though. Harlem sidekick and now Booker picks up the guitar. He swings at ‘Double J’, who moves, and he connects with referee Mickey Jay instead. Spinebuster and Charles Robinson has appeared from nowhere to make the count although Jarrett kicks out at two. Axe kick, spinneroonie and fortunately no ref bump off it tonight! ‘Double J’ avoids a second Harlem sidekick and it looks like Booker has re-injured his knee by the way he’s clutching at it. ‘The Stroke’ and at the count of two someone pulls Jarrett by the legs out of the ring. It’s Goldberg and he launches ‘Double J’ over the guard rail and into the front row. He grabs the mic and tells Russo “one down, two to go and you’re next!” as Booker is DQ’d (I guess) for the outside interference.


It’s hard to get yourself up for a match that happened ‘last night’ and that ended conclusively. They try to add a bit of spice to things by claiming that its Jarrett’s last ever shot at the World title, but when you’ve been swerved, screwed, let down and lied to by this regime, why would you even believe that’s the truth? This is also the sixth match that I’ve watched between these two so far this year and it feels like it. Nice touch of Booker KO’ing the ref with the guitar for a change instead of Jarrett, and while they work a solid quick paced match, nothing that you haven’t seen before.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-14-WCW-Nitro] Jeff Jarrett vs Booker T

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