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[2000-08-14-WWF-Raw] Kurt Angle & HHH & Shane McMahon vs The Rock & D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley


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Angle has a pretty scathing promo for HHH and HHH is out looking pissed. Shane is the mediator and tries to calm them down. Foley sets up our main event six man for tonight as the Dudley Boyz/Rock vs HHH/Angle/Shane. We then cut to a backstage spot where Angle thanks Steph for coming back for her on SmackDown and gives her a friendship kiss on the cheek. We get some more backstage segments of Shane talking to HHH to talk him off the ledge and Shane telling Kurt to not screw up their marriage and that he isn’t buying what Kurt is saying either. Just Joe spreads some news to both HHH and Angle that someone wants to meet them in ten minutes. HHH and Kurt meet and a limo comes up. We then cut to both HHH and Angle exiting the limo with Vince McMahon. HHH and Kurt have a look like they just came from the principal office. Vince tells them to protect Shane tonight. The match is upon us now and man is Rock over to molten levels. Like I have discussed before, WWE is presenting some really fun main events right now that are given some time but also want you seeing more. The crowd is clamoring for a table and it looks like Shane is going to be sent through one when E&C come out and lay out the Dudley’s with chairs. HHH and Angle then get on the same page and destroy the Rock. This is excellent work in showing that if they can work together, the Rock is no match for them. Raw ends with them two and Shane having their arms raised in victory. **3/4

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As a representative of all fifty states, Kurt Angle says it is a pleasure to be here in Rhode Island and while the rest of America may see them as the insignificant nothing state, he doesn’t.  Speaking of insignificant, that brings him onto Triple H.  What he did to him on Smackdown was gutless, cowardly and just plain wrong and reminds him of someone he had the displeasure of meeting in his Olympic days, Tonya Harding,.  What Hunter did to him was the equivalent of what Tonya Harding did to Nancy Kerrigan.  He’s asked himself “why me?”, what is it that he doesn’t like about him and why has he never liked him since day one.  Kurt says that is can be down to just one thing, jealousy, as in the space of nine months he’s accomplished things that it took Triple H years to achieve.  He’s a bitter, jealous man and it pains him to see his friend Stephanie be saddled with a loser like him!  A pissed HHH has heard enough, storming to the ring.  Shane McMahon sprints out after Hunter and tries to keep the two of them apart.  He tells them that they’re killing Stephanie and because of their continued bickering she was almost chokeslammed by the Undertaker and was ‘Rock Bottomed’ by the Rock.  Shane continues to play peacemaker telling Triple H that he knows Kurt Angle would never do anything to break up his marriage with Stephanie (all while Kurt has this smirk on his face).  They have to get back on focus, and that focus is the Rock at Summerslam.  Mick Foley joins them and says how he agrees with Shane, that HHH and Kurt should join together to take on the Rock and, because he’s the Commissioner, he’s going to grant them that wish.  He sets up a six-man tag for later in the night with the three of them to face The Rock and the Dudley’s, and as he’s had enough of their constant bickering adds the stipulation that if either HHH or Kurt Angle walk out on the match they will automatically lose their number one contender’s slot for Summerslam.

Kurt is outside with an umbrella, waiting for Stephanie to arrive.  She pulls up in a limo and he collects her bags, saying how he appreciated her coming back for him on Smackdown.  He tells her she did what a true friend would do and thanks her with a kiss on the cheek.  Not only are we watching this but so is Triple H, on a monitor in his dressing room, and he’s not pleased!

As Stephanie makes her way through the back of the arena she’s met by HHH who chews her out over what he just saw with ‘her friend’.  She’s all upset and says that maybe she should just leave then, to which Hunter responds that maybe she should.

Triple H tells Shane how he can’t deal with this truce any more, that Stephanie left here crying, how it’s that jerk’s fault and he’s going to finish this tonight once and for all.  Shane tries to calm down saying that he’ll bring Kurt back here and they’ll sort everything out.

Shane has a quick word with Kurt telling him that he doesn’t buy they’re “just friends”, he’s seen the way he looks at Stephanie and warns him not to interfere in her marriage.

Angle can’t believe that Shane McMahon is questioning his integrity (“where is it written that a guy and a girl can’t be just friends?”) when in walks Just Joe who tells him that in around half an hour someone wants to meet up with him in the parking lot.  Kurt immediately thinks it’s either Triple H or Shane but Joe insists that it’s not, although that’s all the information he has. 

Joe then goes to Triple H and tells him that someone wants to see him in ten minutes in the parking lot.  Hunter thinks that it’s Steph and again Joe says that he’s only the messenger and can’t say.

Kurt and HHH meet in the parking lot and as they argue, and it looks like Joe has set them up, another limo arrives.  Vince McMahon is in this one and he warns them both if his daughter ever calls him up crying again neither will be in the WWF, let alone be the WWF champion, before advising them to look out for Shane in the upcoming tag match too.

Triple H and D-Von kick things off, although Hunter seems more preoccupied with the Rock on the apron.  Big back drop by Bubba followed by a clothesline for a near fall.  HHH ducks a second clothesline and catches him with a neckbreaker, preferring to then tag out to Shane rather than Angle who also wanted in.  Flying lariat by Shane but Bubba reverses the Irish whip and hits that full nelson bomb.  Bubba tags the Rock and Shane immediately high tails it back to his own corner, tagging both HHH and Kurt who had their hands out.  The two argue over who should be the one who gets to face him as Rock tells them to “just bring it”.  Triple H stands aside to let Kurt go one on one with the Great One’, but maybe he wishes he had instead considering how poorly he does against the Rock.  Russian leg sweep for a two.  Kurt whips D-Von into the ropes and HHH pulls down the top one sending him sailing over it to the outside.  Triple H and Angle continue to show great cohesion as a team when they’re not trying to tear each other apart.  Shane dances and jabs until D-Von ducks the lariat and drops Shane with a flying forearm.  Hot tag to the Rock who immediately takes it to the opposition.  Belly to belly on Angle and Triple H is there to break up the pin.  Bubba picks HHH up for ‘the wassup’ but Hunter’s flailing legs take out referee Tim White.  The Dudley’s collect a table from under the ring and set it up on the floor.  Rock tosses Shane out to them and just as Bubba is about to powerbomb him through the table, they’re jumped by Edge & Christian.  ‘Conchairto’ on Bubba when Rock sees what’s going on goes to help his partners.  He gets nailed by Shane and with the Dudley’s down it’s three on one.  ‘Olympic slam’, pedigree and the three of them stand over Rock’s lifeless body as Shane’s music starts playing and with the match looking like it just ended.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-14-WWF-Raw] Kurt Angle & HHH & Shane McMahon vs The Rock & D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley

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