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[2000-08-18-ECW-Virginia Beach, VA] Steve Corino vs Scotty Anton


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First time looking at Corino as a face in ECW. Corino has some choice words for Lou E before the match starts. I appreciated how Corino didn't change much of his offense and still was brawling and throwing nut shots. This was a good back and forth match that had Corino's leg getting worked over and he could provide sympathetic selling getting the crowd behind him. The finish was a schmozz with Lou E coming in running interference and Scotty getting the surprise victory. Good match and debut for face Corino. *** (6.1)

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Excited to finally dive into the Corino face period. He's not getting a particularly big reaction for his entrance yet, although the crowd is into his promo.


I don't think ECW ever got Scotty over as anything above the joke he was in WCW, which really hurt the Network angle when we were supposed to assume he was at least in range of the top guys. Corino's work slides nicely over to the babyface side, as he can focus on selling and has pretty nice fire in his comeback. Can't believe they put Anton over here when the TV was clearly building Corino up for Credible.

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Corino's work in the dying days of ECW is a bright spot and he starts his face run in stride with a nice performance. The pre-match promo is okay and kind of pandering but he is in a good position against someone like Anton. Anton looks pretty bloated and comes across as more comedy than anything else, really. The work, though, is solid and doesn't veer far from what you would expect. It will be interesting to see Corino grow into this role.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-18-ECW-Virginia Beach, VA] Steve Corino vs Scotty Anton
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Lou E. Dangerously’s promo is interrupted by Steve Corino, who heads to the ring accompanied by Jack Victory.  The two go back and forth on the mic, Corino mainly making jibes about Dangerously and Anton being gay.  After Lou E. reminds him that ‘The Network’ made him, he says that means he’ll just have to break ‘The Network’ and this is underway.  A bionic elbow drops Anton and as he backs into the corner, Corino climbs the turnbuckles and unloads with punches.  Scotty rolls to the outside after a lariat, however he’s followed out to the floor where Corino grabs a drink from one of the fans and proceeds to drench Anton and a section of the front row with it.  Back inside, Anton counters the suplex and clips Corino’s heavily braced knee.  He ties him in the ‘Tree of Woe’ and then fires away punches to that knee.  Corino with a sunset flip off the backdrop, yanking down Scotty’s trunks who is left wondering around with his ass out like he’s Ric Flair.  Face first suplex by Anton dumping Corino across the top rope.  As he gets him to do ‘the Clap’, Corino puts a stop to that with a mule kick low blow.  Fisherman suplex for a two and I like how Corino is still selling that leg.  Anton ducks the clothesline, throws a dropkick to the knee and goes right for his ‘Clap Trap’.  Corino reaches the ropes, but an unaware Anton thinks the official got him to break because Corino gave up.  As he celebrates his non-win, Dangerously and Victory get in the ring.  Lou nails Jacko with his phone and while the ref deals with them, Corino gets a visual pin following the ‘Old School Expulsion’.  He heads over and slugs Dangerously, but Scotty snatches the phone when it flies out of his hand.  Anton KO’s Corino, shoves the phone down his trunks and picks up the win.

A pre-cursor, almost a trial run if you like, for the TV match between the two, only with Lou E. Dangerously in the Cyrus role.  I actually preferred this to that one due to the work around the knee as things felt more focussed.  Kinda surprised to see Anton get the win, although more of a case of trying to elevate him to Corino’s level, if only for the very short term and until he gets that win back.

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