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[2000-08-19-MPPW-TV] Derrick King vs Slash


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Things seem to be falling apart for Baxter’s crew as Wolfie D is pissed. Wolfie shows a picture of PG-13. WOlfie does a great promo saying girls and kids used to be around him but not anymore. Wolfie D is dead and he renames himself as Slash. Derrick King has been used as the enhancement talent buffer the past two weeks. It does give us a chance to hear Dave yell Mr. Personality every week. Good back and forth match with King taking most of it portraying the storyline that Slash is a bit unhinged. King argues with the ref and Slash is able to hit the neckbreaker for the win. *3/4

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Wolfie D is wearing the scars and cuts of his previous battles. He says that he’s had people staring at him all week because of what Bill Dundee did to his face with a steel chair. Ali took his eye out, now Dundee puts this slash down his face, he looks like a freak! Wolfie pulls out a picture of PG-13 and asks Corey who does he see in that picture? When he replies J.C. Ice and Wolfie D, he tells him “half right”, but the guy in that photo looks nothing like the man standing next to him now. The person in that photo used to have girls hanging off him, now they’re scared of him, little kids used to come up wanting his autograph, now they run off to their parents. He declares that Wolfie D is dead, and as he’s nothing but a slash, a freak, from this point on his name is ‘Slash’.


Fortunately King has recovered from that nasty bump he took last week. Quick pin attempt by DK after a shoulder tackle. Slash escapes the full nelson, snap mare, but he then double axe handles the mat as King moves out the way. Book to the gut, spinning powerbomb and the ref screws up, counting three even though DK has got a shoulder up. Slash complains about the count before returning to business. ‘Alleycopter’ and Corey references Al Perez this week! He goes for another spinning powerbomb but this time King counters with a headscissors. Crossbody off the top for two. Whip to the corner and Slash backdrops an incoming DK over the top, however he lands on the apron and then clotheslines Slash on the top rope. Missile dropkick and Wolfie is able to roll a shoulder up in time. He ducks a superkick but not the second, although King still can’t put his opponent away. Slash halts the backslide with a back kick low blow and hits the ‘Rude Awakening’ neckbreaker for the win.


Really good interview from Wolfie starting us off. He has slowly been morphing into Slash over the past several months and completes the transformation here. Where was Brandon Baxter by the way? Not with Seven last week and no sign of him with Slash this. Like King’s match with Seven, this was again on the short side and again not as competitive as I would have expected, although the work was better with these two. I also thought King was going to lose in double quick time after Slash landed the spinning powerbomb.

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Dave and Corey no selling the name change and still calling him wolfie from time to time is one of my favorite things about Power Pro. I guess it makes sense that he changed his name since Jamie was never coming in. Short tv match follows and it's kinda sad to see Derrick booked like this.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-19-MPPW-TV] Derrick King vs Slash

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