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[2000-08-19-NWA Wildside-TV] Terry Knight & Eddie Golden vs Romeo Bliss & Jesse Taylor


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A good southern tag. Golden/Knight is pretty limited but the bones of a psychologically strong match is here and Taylor does enough as FIP to keep things interesting. He intersperses his hope spots throughout the match and I was delighted to see Taylor/Bliss working together as a team. The finish comes with Taylor ending up winning with a belly to belly suplex and he has to be lined up for a future shot at one of the heels titles. *** (5.9)

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Romeo is so sleazy during his entrance but then the bell rings and he becomes regular southern guy. This was a decent match. For guys that feuded for a long time, Taylor and bliss make a good team. The toss into a powerslam was nice. Golden turns more and more into "The one" Billy Gunn everytime I see him.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-19-NWA Wildside] Terry Knight & Eddie Golden vs Romeo Bliss & Jesse Taylor
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The varying looks of these four encapsulates what’s so great about NWA Wildside with the wide variety that the promotion has to offer.  Double team backdrop into a powerslam by the Taylor/Bliss duo.  Taylor with a lightning fast arm drag on Golden and Bliss just about saves a spinebuster when his foot slips on the mat.  Combination drop toe hold/flying elbow drop and Knight breaks the count by grabbing the official.  He comes off the top himself but Taylor catches and plants him with a belly to belly.  Golden goads Romeo into the ring and we have a weak looking moment as the ref just stops counting.  As he tries to get Bliss back on the apron (why?  It’s no DQ after all), double flapjack by Golden and Knight.  The Elite then cut the ring in half, the man on the apron often involving himself to provide assistance.  Taylor rallies the crowd and as it looks like he’s getting back into this, falls prey to a low blow.  Knight slams Taylor’s arm into the ring post, Prazak and Getz surmising as a way to remove the belly to belly from his arsenal.  More double teaming with Knight dropping Golden onto Taylor’s outstretched arm.  Rear chinlock as Taylor again tries to get the fans behind him.  Double whip to the corner and Taylor musters what energy he’s got left to run up the turnbuckles and crash into the Elite with a somersault cannonball.  That’s taken more out of him than his opponents though and he’s unable to take advantage.  Knight misses an elbow off the top and Taylor finally makes the hot tag.  Bliss is all over the Elite while Taylor has gathered a second wind.  Knight sails over the top rope to the outside and despite their best efforts, Taylor with a belly to belly on Golden for the win.

Good Southern tag match and Taylor was super effective in the FIP role.  I’ll reiterate what I said about him after his match against Styles on 7/29 and, with this added string to his bow, I’m certain he would’ve migrated over to WCW had the company stayed around.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-19-NWA Wildside-TV] Terry Knight & Eddie Golden vs Romeo Bliss & Jesse Taylor

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