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[2000-08-20-AAA] Sangre Chicana vs Pirata Morgan (Dog Collar)


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Dammit AAA, you were doing so good. This is exactly the bullshit that I hate from the promotion. The opening couple of minutes with the dog collar being emphasized are good and even though Sangre and Pirata are older, they seem to have as much in the tank as Perro Sr. Then we get Tirantes and the time keeper fighting for some reason and a big Los Vipers breakdown with Abismo arguing with Electroshock, Charly Manson and co. I can’t follow much of anything that is going on with this and it became frustrating for a short segment. *

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There isn't much of a match here but what is here is basic and good. Chicana takes a beating with the chain, sells big, then makes a comeback as Pirata lays out Satanico on the outside. Then suddenly we get a commercial break and when it comes back, Chicana is down and being attended to and all the extracurriculars start. It just becomes a mess at that point but the first few minutes were nice.



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It's weird to have a match end during a commercial break. Especially a show that is taped but that's what happens here. Chicana bleeds and the match turns into a mess. Tirantes goes after his long time rival Huicho Domínguez and gets help from Cobarde and Pirata. Abismo Nego of all people saves Huicho. The vipers run out to talk to Abismo which leads to the Vatos Locos coming out. Vintage AAA. My favorite is all this mayhem is going down and they cut to some woman bored out of her mind.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-20-AAA] Sangre Chicana vs Pirata Morgan (Dog Collar)

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