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[1992-07-05-AJW] Mariko Yoshida vs Kyoko Inoue


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This is a 30 minute draw between two young workers. And it's actually good!!! Holy shit!! Mind you, at this point Mariko was a feisty quasi-luchadora who did beautiful rope climbing dives rather than ankle snapping submissions. And this was the type of match that could only happen between two particular workers, as they build almost Monterrey-like exchanges into a bonafide joshi epic.


They start with lots of intricate fast arm drags mixed up with comedic spots that WORK because they fit into their exchanges. Yoshida accidentally monkey flipping the referee while in the middle of a battle of one up manship is way better than some hick comedian stopping the match to tell a joke. Kyoko Inoue was working a lot like Super Astro here and looking really spectacular doing fast walking on the ropes and chunky girl flips. Kyoko gains the advantage through her power and some literal cat and mouse ensues, before they tease ending the match early in a pretty hot section. They settle down again as Kyoko wrenches in a mean headlock and both try to gain the advantage on the mat before Mariko's taped shoulder gives out and she has to start battling her injury.


I guess some could call the hold exchanging the weak point of the match, as it kind of gave away that they were gonna go long. On the other hand you gotta have some holds in a 30 minute bout PLUS I thought the whole thing was really well done and integrated. It also set up the Yoshida injured shoulder story, which ended up not being a huge deal but still added some character to the bout (and young Yoshida).


Finally they get up and into a HOT finishing stretch that doesn't feature a lot of bomb throwing and instead is more technically focussed. Both girls go for pin combos and flying off the ropes, and they had some really cool stuff in their sleeves. Like said before Yoshida has the really great body press where she runs up the turnbuckle, and Inoue is the queen of the springboard moves. She uses them as game changers and just crushes Yoshida repeatedly with back sentons and dropkicks. My favourite spot was her just dropping down on Mariko when she tried to avoid the back senton. Yoshida has awesome dives in the middle of this epic section and holds her own really well too. The ending was picture perfect as seconds before the time runs out Kyoko goes for the big damn SWING before hitting her fat deadlift powerbomb for the sure win except she was 1 second too late. Pretty excellent match and easily the best pre-Spider Lady Yoshida I've seen.

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