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[2000-08-27-WWF--Summerslam] HHH vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle


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Shame about Angle but a worthy SSlam main event. HHH and Rock improvise really well and have another really well done match together waiting for Angle to get into place. Even though knowing things better now and Angle had no business being out there again, it was a courageous effort for him returning and he played his role well where it felt like he was really going to score the pin. The midsection working over of Rock really neutralized him and helped get over the sledgehammer. Rock shows resiliency and strength while also putting over his opponents. The big moment is HHH accidentally punching Steph which should continue the love triangle going. Overall, a strong main event and a real good PPV outing from WWF. ***3/4 (7.3)

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I wasn't really as high on this. For starters it is pretty horrifying to watch the stages of expression on Angle's face post-table spot. It's a shame it worked out that way as I wonder how different the booking of the match would have ultimately been. It's just tough to see how clearly not with it Angle was before he gamely came back.


With the injury it just feels like Rock and HHH kill SO MUCH TIME to buy Angle a chance to reinsert himself into the match. It wasn't bad per se but they clearly have to work around the situation and the match lacks some flow because of that. The crowd is still there of course and Angle's insertion into the match really amps everything up. Rock's charisma and the power of the angle help carry things in this really hot final stretch.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-27-WWF--Summerslam] HHH vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle

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