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[2000-09-01-MAW] Corporal Robinson vs Dino Bambino (Bed of Nails)


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Some horrendous camera work during this match but as a garbage brawl, this was one of the better ones we have seen this year. Corp is able to work a convincing brawl with his punches and punishment and this didn’t have the fat that some of the Ian matches had. Bambino in this type of match really surprised me. He is spotty but takes some nice bumps onto chairs and a particularly big bump onto the table on the outside. The finish wasn’t a surprise as I didn’t expect Bambino to take a big bump through the nails. I was happy that the match ended after one Falcon Arrow through the nails. Good match. ***1/4 (6.5)

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Not much to say about this work. Mostly standard fare brawling only kind of harder to follow due to the video guy. Robinson impressed me with his punches and I liked his presence here a lot. I didn't really get much into it but it was completely fine and wasn't bad at all. The nail bump looks really painful and Robinson seemed to be in some pain as Bambino gets the win.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-01-MAW] Corporal Robinson vs Dino Bambino (Bed of Nails Death Match)
  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-01-MAW] Corporal Robinson vs Dino Bambino (Bed of Nails)

The bed of nails is brought out in front of the first row and the fans are encouraged to check that they are real and that nothing has been done to alter them.  The ring announcer then drops a lemon and an onion onto the nails to show that when you hit them you stay stuck and that there is nothing fake about this contest.  They’re doing a grand job putting over how dangerous this match is, even going as far as to mention that an ambulance is on call ready.  Title match for Bambino’s MAW Heavyweight title and the only way you can win is by pinning your opponent on the bed of nails.  Both men make unsuccessful early pin attempts on the canvas just to remind everyone that they can’t be made unless they’re on that bed of nails.  Corp throws Bambino to the floor where he blocks the suplex and counters with a DDT.  This is a touch tricky to follow on the outside due to the crowd obscuring the camera’s view.  They return to the ring and Dino with a tornado DDT onto some chairs.  Corp is now bleeding, although I think that was courtesy of something we didn’t see.  Running cannonball in the corner.  Bambino goes for a second, but Corp moves and he flies between the turnbuckles, into the ring post and falls to the concrete.  Piledriver on the floor by Corp.  Again this is tough to follow with the crowd blocking the view.  Now the video camera is shaking so much it is like the guy filming it is having an epileptic fit!  I’ve probably said this before about him but Corp really does throw some fantastic looking worked punches.  Spinebuster onto a chair.  Corp cracks Bambino over the head with the chair and I’m kinda glad he held a little back and didn’t brain him like he would say someone like Ian Rotten.  He misses on the top rope leg drop as Dino looks to get back into this.  Hangman’s neckbreaker with Corp sat on the top and now Bambino is going for a pin, this after Corp did so twice when he was in control.  ‘Bootcamp’ onto a chair and Corp then collects the bed of nails and brings it into the ring.  Bambino blocks the powerbomb and carefully slams Corp onto the nails for the win.  He quickly helps gets him off them as it looks like he’s in a fair bit of pain from that.

Tricky to follow whenever the action left the ring for reasons already outlined above.  I don’t think there was ever any doubt as to who would take the bump onto the nails, but I know if I was ever going into a fight, Corp would be the one person I would want on my side.  Dude is just a tough, hard man.

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