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[1988-10-22-WWF-Superstars] Brother Love Show: Hulk Hogan and Big Bossman

Superstar Sleeze

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Iconic segment that sparked one of the best drawing Hogan programs of all time. Brother Love is such a great slimeball character. They ought to have a stir the pot character like this now. I love how Brother Love puts on glasses as he starts to berate Hogan about attacking him previously. Cant hit a man with glasses. Brother Love has a benefactor and that benefactor has provided him with protection in the form of the Big Bossman and Slick. Hogan cuts a good promo. Bossman jabs the nightstick in his throat and then Slick sprays him with hair spray. Bossman cuffs him to the railing and beats him down with the nightstick. Hogan hulks up and chases them to the back with railing. Great angle to set up the house show run.

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