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[1988-12-03-WWF-Boston, MA] Hulk Hogan vs Big Bossman

Superstar Sleeze

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Hulk Hogan vs Big Bossman - Boston 12/3/88


Bossman is an all time great Hogan opponent because he brings the size and the agility to the ring. By being a way better bumper than most Hogan opponents he adds so much to Hogan's shine. Hogan is a total ball of fire right out of the gate. Bossman takes a great bump to the floor and Beantown is rocking. Hogan keeps it up but some Slick distraction allows Bossman to attack the back. Hogan cant get him up for the slam and Bossman is on top of Hogan. He hits the Sidewalk Slam and only gets two. But a great false finish as Hogan just ran into it. Bearhug is a fine hold here. Bossman does a great job with the weeble wobbles but don't fall down selling really, really good and eventually gets back on offense. Another Sidewalk Slam but gloats like an idiot. HULK-UP! A great one because Bossman is a great seller and BODYSLAM! BIG POP! Slick distraction and Bossman has the cuffs but ends up cuffed to the rope that was like a magic trick. Hogan topples him over and Bossman loses by countout. Great finish that plays off Hogan being cuffed to the railing. Bossman was so great all around especially the weeble wobble selling. Hogan ruled at offense. One of the better Hogan matches. ***3/4

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