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[2000-09-04-WWF-Raw] HHH vs Test


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Promo at the start tries to get to the bottom of who called the cops on HHH. Steph, HHH, Foley, Angle, Chyna and Eddy are all accused and questioned. This was entertaining in getting all the principles out there and they could plead their case. Foley puts it up to a crowd vote. Angle is hilarious right before Foley goes to him by wishing everyone a happy and healthy Labor Day. Angle wins the crowd vote when T&A’s music fires up. Test and Trish comes out and this is an awesome wrinkle to the storyline. Test brings up the past and him supposed to marry Steph. Foley makes a one on one match tonight and he says paybacks and HHH’s wife have one thing in common, they are both a bitch. 23 minute segment but it again played off the past and added another dimension to the feud overall. HHH is still pretty heelish here so this is essentially heel vs heel. HHH does have to face both members of T&A and has his hands on Trish setting her up for a pedigree they probably expected to get more cheers than it did. Steph is watching backstage and has Angle behind her with a big smirk on his face. Albert powerslamming HHH from the ring back inside was impressive. Test misses the big elbow, Albert gets disposed and both T&A members get pedigreed allowing HHH to win. ½*

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This was nothing. I know they had to angle Triple H into a more face type of role against Angle for the time being but it was a bit nauseating to see Triple H walking tall against Test, Albert, and Trish in such easy fashion. Weird vibe for the match after Test's promo kind of got some cheers yet he is presented as basically a heel jobber trying to dishonor the valiant fighter's woman. Triple H pedigrees Albert after the match for good measure.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-04-WWF-Raw] HHH vs Test

Triple H can’t have been in the slammer for too long as he’s here with Stephanie and things look good between them.  He says how he’s done some pretty terrible things during his career and for the most part is proud of them, the one thing he’s never done though is hide who he is or hidden what he does.  While he was sat in some North Carolina police department getting repeatedly questioned about whether he hit his beautiful wife, she was forced to go to the ring with Kurt Angle and was later pummelled and beaten by Chyna, which to him is unacceptable.  He doesn’t know who made that phone call to the police or who filed that report, but isn’t going anywhere until he gets some answers.  The Commissioner’s music plays and ‘the King’ thinks it must’ve been him who reported Hunter as he loves to throw his weight around and can just imagine him squealing to the police!  Mick says that what happened to Triple H was serious business and, as Commissioner of the WWF, he intends to get to the bottom of the situation and find out who the culprit is.  His first port of call is to accuse Stephanie, claiming that he’s seen that look in her eye when she’s around Kurt Angle and what better way to get rid of the jealous husband than by getting rid of the jealous husband.  Steph refutes his claims and Foley tends to agree, believing it would’ve taken a cold, calculated and clever plan to have HHH incarcerated, automatically putting her out of the running!  Mick next accuses Triple H thinking that what better way to pull the heart strings of his wife, what better way to evoke sympathy from all the fans... Hunter doesn’t let him finish, cutting him off and isn’t impressed that he’s now trying to turn it around onto him.  ‘The Game’ says how he’s watched the tape from Smackdown and what he saw was him run out not long after he was arrested and him force his wife to accompany Kurt Angle to ringside when she should’ve been at the police department to defend him.  Everyone else may see this rotund, happy-go-lucky guy that all the people love, but what he sees is a miserable, manipulative man who just wants to ruin his marriage at all costs because he’s bitter and jealous that he was the one who ended his sorry career.  Foley admits that he raises some legitimate points, however says that he wouldn’t do that plus, as WWF Commissioner, he carries diplomatic immunity anyway.  With the three of them seemingly eliminated from his enquiries he surmises that can only be one other candidate and orders Kurt Angle to come on down.  Kurt thinks it’s ridiculous that he’s being wrongly accused.  Yes he didn’t like the way Hunter brutally hit his good friend Stephanie but he’s man of integrity and would never call the cops.  He then points the finger at Chyna, the person he claims wants to see Triple H and Stephanie split up more than anyone.  Angle’s case is compelling enough for the Commissioner to invite her out to explain herself.  Lawler, that old perv, is at it again saying how he’d like to dust Chyna for fingerprints.  Even though she enjoyed ramming Stephanie’s head into the mat, Chyna is adamant that she had nothing to do with calling the police confirming that there is nothing going on between her and HHH as she’s with Eddy Guerrero.  ‘Clueless Mick’ on hearing Eddy’s name now has him down as his prime suspect, believing that after losing to ‘the Game’ in the ring, he has more cause than anyone to want him eliminated.  Foley calls out Eddy and Kurt is pretty funny, piping up that it probably was ‘Latino Heat’.  Eddy tells him that if he thinks he wanted Triple H out of the picture he couldn’t be more wrong as, if anything, he wanted to prove to his ‘Mamacita’ and the whole world that he could kick his backside in the middle of the ring.  With Foley no closer to finding out the culprit, he gets the fans to vote on who they think it is; unanimously they vote for ‘Mr Integrity’ himself, Kurt Angle.  As Mick grabs hold of him ready to hand him over to the authorities, they’re interrupted by Test and Trish Stratus, Test advising the Commissioner not to do anything too drastic because he’s got a confession.  He goes onto explain that the 27th November 1999 was supposed to be the greatest day of his life, but Triple H ruined it, taking Stephanie away from him right under his nose.  All the money, the power, the sky rocketing career that he thought was coming his way, HHH got it all instead.  He’s been waiting so long for this moment and his only regret is that they didn’t send his ass to jail!  Test admits that he called the cops which results in Foley setting up a match between HHH and him.  After calling Stephanie a “bitch” Hunter runs down the ramp way to try and get at him, only to be cheapshotted by Angle on the way.  Test and Kurt then put the boots to Triple H leaving him lying.

Stephanie wants to watch up close what Triple H does to Test after he called her a bitch, but Hunter tells her to stay in the dressing room and keep away from ringside (presumable after what happened on Smackdown).

Test has got Albert as back up and Trish is immediately distracting the referee so they can team up on Triple H. That doesn’t really go to plan as ‘the Game’ handles them comfortably, making them look like a pair of buffoons.  After clearing the ring of both he grabs hold of Trish and is about to pedigree her when he gets clobbered by Test.  A great sounding big boot from him as Stephanie is shown watching on a monitor backstage while creepy Kurt sneaks up behind her smiling at what he sees in the ring.  Gut wrench powerbomb by Test but he then misses the elbow off the top.  Hunter with a high knee, a facebuster and the pedigree as he wins this one in quick time.  A post-match pedigree from Albert and Steph is out to celebrate the win with him.

The Test swerve was nice but T&A were treated as a pair of jobbers the way Triple H dominated and treated the pair of them here.  The face and heel dynamics are definitely been blurred with the reactions that some of the wrestlers, Triple H especially, are getting.

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