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[1986-08-30-WWF-Championship Wrestling] The coronation of 'King' Harley Race

Superstar Sleeze

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So whats the deal here? I know everyone needs a gimmick, but where did Vince come up with this one. I always love seeing the Rogue Gallery in the ring in the WWF. Just such a richness in the gimmicks especially on the heel side. Orton wearing the pink hat because he was Adonis' bodyguard was great. Adonis had such a stellar run from 86 up to Mania III. The Funks being in this ring for Harley is weird. Heenan plays it pretty straight. The midget is a great touch especially holding his train at the end. Good segment. Not as good as the Macho King Coronation. It is weird how this almost became like a tertiary title in the WWF.

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