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[1986-12-26-WWF-MSG, NY] Hulk Hogan vs Kamala

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF World Heavyweight Hulk Hogan vs Kamala - MSG 12/26/86


This is the prelude to the famous Warpaint match the next month at MSG and I thought it was every bit as good. Kamala was great as the immovable object in this match. He was like a better Andre (Andre obviously having physical issues). His weeble wobble selling was great. The way they bounced off each other on the shouldertackles. Kamala's leapfrog and bowling Hogan over and then doing the leapfrog again as his celebration was great. Total commitment to the character. Loved Hogan going for the slam early and Kamala working the back over with chops. Hogan was beating the crap out of him but he would go down and one shot and Kim Chee goes flying. Great way to show how Hogan fell a normal man, but Kamala is no normal man. Great heel cheating with the horn from the Wizard and Kamala's splash looked great. The Hulk Up was great but Kim Chee attacks the ref while Wizard pokes him in the eye and Kamala splashes Hogan a bunch. Ref calls for the bell and Hogan makes his big comeback chasing them all off. Backstage, The Brain conducts an interview with the Wizard and it turns into a Hogan/Kamala brawl. Wow! I thought this was a fantastic Hogan vs Monster match. ****

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