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[1981-01-23-Houston Wrestling] Terry & Dory Funk Jr vs Ivan Putski & Wahoo McDaniel


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This is a bout not ever been seen. It's 2 out of 3 falls and is historic because the AJPW tag belts are defended in H-Town. We're getting a serious feeling out process. Terry putting over Putski's strength. Wahoo lighting up Dory, Putski working a bear hug on Dory. Putski has a trickle of blood. Nice butterfly suplex by Wahoo. The Funks steal the 1st fall with a big cheat by Terry,


Both Funks work over Wahoo. Spinning toe hold. Each brother took their trurns. Wahoo is playing FIP. Wahoo turns the tide and scores with an Oklahoma roll.


Putski and Terry are having an awesome brawl. It settles down Terry has Putski in a sleeper.Wahoo and Putski win b y DQ.


This match didn't do anything for me. I thought it was too methodical. I'm still glad it became available though. 2*

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