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[1987-10-09-WWF-Houston, TX] Hulk Hogan vs Ted DiBiase

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WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Ted DiBiase - Houston 10/9/87


DiBiase never got a huge singles run with the Hulkster matches here and there kinda like Roddy Piper. DiBiase major singles run was against the Macho Man holding down the fort in the Hulkster's absence. In early 88, he was a part of series tags either with Virgil or Andre against Hogan/Bam Bam Bigelow. The Million Dollar Man is such a great gimmick.


He comes out says he is going to offer a Hulkamaniac a chance to win some money but wants to wait for Hogan to come out. He cuts a promo saying he wanted Hulk out there so he could watch one of his Hulkamaniacs embarrass themselves groveling for money. Hogan does not take kindly to this and just throws DiBiase around who is bumping all over the place.


You can really split your Hogan opponents into two camps. Monsters and Bumpers. DiBiase is probably the best worker he faced in 1987 (he did have some matches against Savage, but they were not notable). DiBiase was clearly more athletic than Harley at this point, but this match lacked the violence of the Harley matches. DiBiase just really did not have the offense. He was very reminiscent of Mr. Perfect here. The only cool offense was the fist drop. Hulk Up! I love that he drops the leg, but Virgil distracts and DiBiase pops right up. They brawl at ringside; Virgil sends Hogan into the post. Countout win to set up the rematch later in the year in Houston.


Mike McGuirk fawning over Hogan is really something. I wonder if it was Hogan's or Vince's idea? ***

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