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[1985-06-01-WWF-Championship Wrestling] Hulk Hogan vs Ken Patera

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Ken Patera - Championship Wrestling 6/1/85


Interesting the Heenan Family did not have many matches with Hogan in the first half of 85. I would reckon they were mainly working with Andre as the big hair cutting angle was at the beginning of the year and of course Andre/Studd bodyslam match at Mania. Hogan was facing a rotation mainly of Beefcake, Muraco and Orndorff. While training Hillbilly Jim and Mr. T were his main focuses in terms of angles.


In April of 85 following Mania, they started running Orndorff shaking Hogan's hand after matches and they cemented the babyface turn once Orndorff saved Hogan from Piper/Orton at the first Saturday Night's Main Event. In case, you didn't stay up late, this showcases the new friendship here as Mr. Wonderful saves Hogan from suffering the same fate as Andre at the hands of the Heenan Family. The match itself was like three minutes and shows Hogan as a great ball of energy just having kick ass offense. Big John Studd is out there gets on apron and they attack him. Heenan goes to cut his hair, but Paul Orndorff makes the save. Good angle.

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