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[1985-06-22-WWF-Boston, MA] Hulk Hogan vs Big John Studd

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Big John Studd - Boston 6/22/85


Just one day removed from working a bloody, grueling cage match against Don Muraco, Hogan faces off against perhaps his most frequent challenger, Big John Studd. I have loved their matches in the past and I think this is their best one ever. There is something about Studd that makes him seem so credible and love the psychology of the bodyslam matches. Because this one day removed from the cage match, Hogan has a huge bandage on his head and Studd reopens that cut within minutes of the bell sounding. His white trunks were covered in Hogan's bloody. This is a great bloody brawl. Studd throwing Hogan into the chairs. Working the cut. Hogan making fiery comebacks. Hogan's punches and energy were great. Whipping me and the Boston crowd into a frenzy. Hogan goes for the slam but Studd hits him in the back. Great test of strength follows that is very dramatic with Hogan making a big comeback and knocking Studd off his feet with a big boot. Studd gets so much out of one bump. Hogan with a chair shot! I love bloody Hogan brawls. Studd does his homework and catches Hogan with a clothesline exploding out of the corner before Hogan can do it to him. Studd works the back. The one thing missing from Studd is that one move. He just needed one move and he didn't have it. That's what kills him. Bearhug by Studd and he keeps cutting Hogan off. Hogan spills to the outside. HULK UP! SCOOP! BODYSLAM ON THE FLOOR! COUNTOUT VICTORY FOR THE HULKSTER! I admit I didn't mark as hard as when I first saw that spot watching their 12/10/84 match from Nassau Coliseum, but damn if it did not blow the roof off the Boston Garden! Add in the blood and the brawling, easy thumbs up! ***1/2

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