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[2000-09-07-ECW-Cleveland, OH] Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke


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I continue to enjoy the ECW undercard division and this is a nice example why. A match that didn't go out there to do anything special but had a clear heel/face structure and both teams played up to their strengths. The Mamluke wanting a piece of Roadkill segment was funny and him being thrown onto Sal on the outside is always good for a pop. Mamaluke responds by hitting a nasty tornado DDT coming back inside and Doring is FIP for a bit. Roadkill does a really strong hot tag and hits a double clothesline with both FBI members bumping right on their neck. Finishing run sees Roadkill having the win but a belt shot gets FBI the sneaky victory and I was surprised Roadkill was pinned. **3/4

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Pretty nice pop for Doring and Roadkill, who I recall being a pretty big fan of at the time. I dig the Roadkill/Mamaluke sequence at the beginning - a bit of comedy with some solid work beneath it. Rest of the match is pretty fun, too - had the chance to be great with a little extra time, but as it is was all action and a good 8 minute match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-07-ECW-Cleveland, OH] Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke
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I’ll never understand how Danny Doring got so over, Roadkill I can see, not the ‘Dastardly’ one.  An eager Tony Mamaluke wants in against the ‘Angry Amish Chicken Plucker’ although will have to quickly re-evaluate as trying a shoulder tackle against a 300lb’er isn’t the wisest of moves.  He reverses the hammerlock, side headlock, but Roadkill just picks him up and dumps him over the top rope onto Big Sal.  Mamaluke ducks under the clothesline before catching Roadkill with a springboard tornado DDT.  Tag to Guido and a double snapmare followed by a pair of basement dropkicks to either side of Roadkill’s head.  The running crossbody was every bit as bad of an idea as Mamaluke’s shoulder tackle, here Roadkill catching Guido and slamming him to the mat.  ‘Dirt Road slam’ and when Mamaluke rushes in he gets pressed skywards and dropped.  Guido tries to escape but Doring quickly rolls him back inside.  Big Sal is up on the apron and Guido reverses the Irish whip sending Doring crashing into that ample sized back of his, turning the match in the FBI’s direction.  Side Italian legsweep/powerbomb off the middle for a two.  Guido throws Doring to the floor before causing the distraction so that Sal can whip him into the metal guard rail and then splash him up against it.  Doring blocks the ‘Kiss of Death’ and hits a double underhook implant DDT.  That does have one of those ridiculous names but without Joey Styles’ help I can’t remember which one it is.  Hot tag to Roadkill who just runs through Guido and Mamaluke.  Double flying lariat from the top rope.  Doring drops the ‘Danaconda’ after a ‘Bareback’ and as it looks like we’ve got new tag team champions Sal pulls the referee from the ring to break up the count.  The ‘Dastardly One’ goes after him, but in the immediate confusion that follows Mamaluke clocks Roadkill with one of the title belts and the official turns around to see Guido making the cover as the FBI retain the gold.

No connection there for me in what was a run of the mill house show tag match.  It wasn’t helped by the fact did I not once think the champions were in any danger of losing.  Match #1000 watched and reviewed by the way, the end is in sight!

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