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[2000-09-08-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night One] Ace Steel vs Shark Boy


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It is interesting that these guys were seeded as Fannin announces this was the 4-13 match in the tournament. A good back and forth match with Shark getting the shine in the beginning and some comedy mixed in with him biting Ace’s butt. Ace takes over and doesn’t have as much of a focal point as I would like. Finishing run had better action but Ace was playing to the crowd therefore the heat wasn’t as good as it could have been. Finish was a top rope powerbomb with Ace countering a rana with it looking awkward and painful for Shark Boy. Ace advancing is a bit of an upset IMO. *** (6)

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The opening of this was really tight with both guys totally crisp and good with their execution. Ace gives Sharkboy a hiptoss, then a bodyslam, then an arm drag in three separate sequences. Sharkboy finally reverses and hits all three of those spots in order in a really nice callback to take over for a few. Ace drops him nut first on the ropes and goes into some standard work as the crowd gets on his case. Not a huge fan of Sharkboy's biting offense but he worked over the arm nicely enough while on offense. The finishing power bomb looked rough but fitting to end a match.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-08-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16] Ace Steel vs Shark Boy
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Shark Boy’s ring gear doesn’t half look cheap.  Steel takes a rest on the turnbuckles after the opening hip toss, almost as though he senses this is going to be an easy night for him.  When he starts doing push ups and flexing his muscles, that only results in some homophobic slurs being slung his way from the rednecks.  Actually it appears to be this one same voice abusing him and it’s bloody annoying.  After Steel’s early dominance Shark Boy catches him with a hip toss followed by a bodyslam, the first two moves Steel had caught him with.  Atomic drop and now Shark Boy is biting him on the backside, something which I’m sure will only exacerbate the abuse Steel has been getting.  He bails to the floor and Shark Boy, fed up of waiting, chases after him, eventually catching up with him and slamming his head into one of the ringside chairs before throwing him back inside.  Shark Boy cinches in a hammerlock that Steel tries to bodyslam his way out of.  He keeps hold of that arm on the first effort, but when Steel repeats, he then slams him over the ropes so that Sharkie takes a fall onto the apron.  That takes the wind out of him and things aren’t helped by a Steel ‘Shattered Dreams’.  Running lariat in the corner.  Steel shouts out “action personified” after a suplex but then hits only water as Shark Boy avoids the diving headbutt.  The two trade blows in the centre of the ring, Shark Boy getting the better of things and backing Steel up against the turnbuckles where he unloads some more.  Frankensteiner off the top for a near fall.  Sharkie telegraphs the back drop and Steel with a release cradle suplex.  He heads upstairs himself but is too slow and Shark Boy dropkicks the top rope causing him to crotch himself.  Shark Boy goes for a second top rope rana, however this time Steel counters with a superbomb to move on to night two.

I know they’ve been a prevalent theme throughout various Indies from the start of the year but the homophobic slurs, the “faggot”, the “queer” cat calls are bothering me more and more, especially as this has been two matches in a row where they’ve been clearly audible.  Steel looked good here, although I have real issues with Shark Boy’s gear; the biting on the ass, of the hand also makes him come across more as a comedy wrestler as opposed to someone who you should take seriously.  Maybe it was the crowd and this probably would’ve played better elsewhere but it just didn’t connect for me.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-08-IWA-MS-Sweet Science 16: Night One] Ace Steel vs Shark Boy

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