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[2017-10-17-Stardom] HZK vs Kagetsu


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Queen's Quest vs. Oedo Tai Challenge Series: HZK vs. Kagetsu


HZK was going all out to put down the big bad wolf of Oedo Tai, but Kagetsu had a couple of tricks up her sleeve. This was great. HZK was roughhousing Kagetsu in grand fashion, and delivering one of the best singles performances I've ever seen from her. Hope she's able to maintain this momentum. ***1/2

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This was one heck of a performance from HZK. She wasn't afraid to get in, and stay in, the face of Kagetsu from the beginning. Kagetsu also has another strong performance as she is fantastic a putting over HZK beating plus having to get creative to fight back. She actually has to resort to cheating to finally win which succeed in making HZK look strong in defeat. Hopefully there are more matches like this to help establish HZK at the top of the card for Stardom. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-10-17-Stardom] HZK vs Kagetsu

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