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[2000-09-08-ECW-Buffalo, NY] Kid Kash vs Psicosis


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Pretty generic indie rific type action. The opening matwork was fine but pretty loose looking and didn't serve much of a purpose. That ramped up to the big dives and the nearfalls towards the end. They are establishing Kash well with the tv title facing a variety of opponents and it is a sharp contrast to the way the Rhino tv title matches were presented. **1/2

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This was puttering along and then the crowd got distracted bigtime by something in the crowd and this kind of meandered after that point. They worked hard but this never really came together. Some of their spots didn't hit as cleanly as you would hope and there was not a terribly strong story or face/heel dynamic so this just ambled to a finish.



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I found this terribly disappointing, particularly on Kash's end, as it felt he just didn't rise to the occasion here. Kash has had some good matches this year, but generally in shorter matches. This isn't even particularly long, a little less than 10 minutes, and he just didn't have anything to add to the spots to take it up a level. One of the weaker matches Psic has had in ECW.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-08-ECW-Buffalo, NY] Kid Kash vs Psicosis
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The timings are slightly off in the early throws of things, but a Kash dropkick sends Psicosis through the ropes to the outside giving both a chance to reset.  Things don’t get much better, although the fans are more interested in something that’s happening in the crowd as opposed to what’s happening in the ring.  Psicosis with a spinning wheel kick and as Kash walks around ringside trying to shake out the cobwebs he’s caught by a plancha from the top turnbuckle.  There’s now an “asshole” chant going on, presumably for whatever it was that was going down in the crowd.  They take it in turns to be whipped into the guardrail before a Kash head first pescado, looking like it hurt himself more than his opponent.  Psicosis mistimes the tip up but Kash is quick to cover, picking up a two count with a belly to back suplex.  He whips Psicosis to the corner who then (slowly) runs up the turnbuckles and hits a moonsault bodyblock.  A pretty poor take on the Malenko/Guerrero pinfalls and reversals sequence and this has been a real disappointment so far.  Sit out face first suplex by Psicosis but he then misses the guillotine legdrop as Kash rolls out the way.  ‘Money Maker’ and this one’s over.  I spoke too soon as Rhino’s out and he gores Kash as he’s celebrating the win.  He drags him out onto the apron ready to piledrive him through a table when Rob Van Dam runs out to save his sometime tag team partner.  Feinstein is right on top of this.  RVD blocks a hip toss and ends up hip tossing Rhino through the table.  In true Van Dam style he gets in the ring to pose to the crowd before going back out to continue the attack!  Leaping side kick from the top and Rhino falls into the corner where Van Dam then dropkicks a chair into his face.  As Fonzie motions for a ‘Van Terminator’ RVD ends up taking too long mugging and Rhino rolls out of there.  There’s more fighting in the aisle, Van Dam coming out on top, meaning yet more posing and playing to the fans.

The match itself was not good and it’s always disappointing when it involves two guys who are capable of so much better.  I may have said that what happened in the crowd threw them off their game (like we have seen in previous ECW house show matches) but things weren’t going well even before then.  Post-match started out promising, then Van Dam would take a break to mug and pose.

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