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[2000-09-08-IPW] Barry Horowitz vs Cuban Assassin


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A LONGGGG promo to set this up. The match itself is pretty forgettable just beyond these two wrestling in 2000. Horowitz does still have a lot of charisma and technical proficiency. Assassin is kind of just there.Around 5 minutes in we get a ref bump which is becoming way too much of a trope in this string of non Japanese matches I am watching lately. Horowitz's second clobbers him and Assassin pins to win the belt. *1/2

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-08-IPW] Barry Horowitz vs Cuban Assassin
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I think Barry was supposed to face Mike sullivan and he got attacked or something like that. I thought Barry was a babyface during the interview but he was being a heel during the match. Pretty pedestrian stuff in front of what looked like 20 fans in a hockey stadium in St. Pete. Take a drink whenever there is a ref bump in a match in 2000.

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Barry Horowitz was due to take on Mike Sullivan for his IPW Heavyweight title, but after Horowitz is introduced Ron Niemi heads out (to ‘No Chance in Hell’) and says that Sullivan got a flat tyre in St. Pete and couldn’t make it to the arena tonight.  Sound quality isn’t the clearest on this, although you can hear Niemi talk about surrendering the title to Horowitz when they’re interrupted by Fidel Sierra and his valet Natasha.  Sierra explains that Mike Sullivan isn’t here because he got a flat tyre, but because he got four flat tyres and informs Horowitz that they’re the ones who’re going to be wrestling for the belt.  Cuban does mention about he and Natasha taking over IPW so I’m guessing that’s how he can make this match.  Just as they’re about to go for a test of strength the Assassin pulls back and tells some heckler to “lighten up” as he’s the babyface and Horowitz is the heel.  Bizarre.  The ‘fan favourite’ Cuban Assassin then tries to get a “he’s an asshole” chant started by the sparse, child heavy crowd.  Horowitz nicely sells his own head after a headbutt and picks up a two count with a rolling cradle.  This is not the most dynamic of matches that’s for sure!  Accidental clash of heads sees both men go down.  The Assassin is to his feet first but Horowitz grabs him by the singlet and launches him into the referee taking him out.  Reverse DDT and as he covers the Assassin you hear someone count the three.  Considering Horowitz is fully aware the official is down I have no idea why he even made the pin in the first place or, on hearing the three, gets off the Assassin and starts patting his back and calling himself the new IPW champion.  Horowitz picks Sierra up but as Niemi goes to clock him with the belt, the Assassin moves and he nails ‘Bad’ Barry instead.  The Cuban decks Niemi and then covers the KO’d Horowitz to become the new IPW Heavyweight champion.

A woeful match, which I’d like to blame fully on the Cuban Assassin, however it was a rare off night from Horowitz too.  Little crowd interaction from him either which was a disappointment.  Just an odd vibe in there with two natural heels going at it, Sierra trying to be the face but struggling badly in doing so.

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