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[1986-11-22-WWF-Superstars] Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat - WWF Superstars 11/22/86


"I think he may have swallowed his tongue and that's a horrible thing to say." - Vince McMahon doing an excellent job calling this angle.


This is actually a great TV sprint before the big angle. You know because it is TV in the 80s there will be an angle, but they went about 8 minutes and just gave it there all. I would say this is like a Best of Savage vs Steamboat, all the hits are there and they are flying around. They are all able to portray eveness without it coming off like an exhibition. I think that is Savage's true strength is that he sort of innovated the longer sequence type of wrestling but he made it look every bit organic as it should. Today it looks rehearsed but he always looks like a man totally out of control. Both men do big moves off the top. There is a ref bump. Steamboat has the Macho Man down for a long time due to a cross body here comes crooked Danny Davis. I love that Ventura calls Davis and Dave Hebner the two most competent refs given what was happening with Davis and would happen with Hebner. After this, Savage just snaps. He drops Steamboat throat first across the railing. Then gives him the double axehandle draped across the railing. Then the coup d'grace in one of the most famous moments he comes off the top rope with the ring bell on the throat. He does a great job playing this all up and the crowd is livid. McMahon is in his element. The key to all this is Ricky Steamboat who gives a ***** sell job of all this, I love him falling off the gurney. He was coughing and contorting his body. Honestly, it takes what is an amazing angle on paper and makes it legendary. I cant believe it took me until now to see this. ***** angle without a doubt. Must-see.

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