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[1986-01-04-WWF-Saturday Night's Main Event] Randy Savage vs George Steele

Superstar Sleeze

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Randy Savage vs George "The Animal" Steele - SNME 1/4/86


So the love affair begins! Steele completed his face turn in 1985 and Mean Gene found him in the Detroit Zoo, which is silly, but funny. The Ventura/Macho Man segment where Savage throws Liz into the pool to teach her how to swim was the Macho Man at his dickish best. This whole feud really exemplified Macho Man as the jealous, jackass boyfriend. The way he cups her chin, what a fucking asshole. You want to sock him. Steele does his best Tarzan/Jane here. Some fun antics and Macho Man keeps it moving. Savage putting Elizabeth in front of him doesn't work as well because Steele wants to pet her. Steele does the turnbuckle gimmick which is a great spot. He gets totally distracted by Elizabth and Savage hits the double axehandle for the win. Fun sidebar for the Macho Man while he challenged Tito and Hulkster around the loop. Lets him show his character.

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