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Superstar Sleeze

[1985-10-05-WWF-Championship Wrestling] Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake vs British Bulldogs

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WWF World Tag Team Champions Dream Team vs British Bulldogs - Championship Wrestling 10/5/85


The first meeting of this iconic rivalry happened on TV shortly after the Dream Team won the championships from the US Express. This was to signal that Bullodgs and Dream Team would dominate the title scene for about the next six months. Basic match. Valentine and Beefcake shined up the Bulldogs. Davey Boy had a nice dropkick on Beefacke. Dynamite mowed people down. Johnny V saved his men when pushed Dynamite off the top triggering the DQ. Nothing special just established that Bulldogs mean business and in a fair and square match they should be able to wrest the titles from the Dream Team.

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