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[2000-05-19-IPW-May Massacre] Tommy Rogers & Frankie Capone vs Buck Quartermaine & Mr Peskin


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I was going to say that if you watch this skip to about 7’30’’ as there is no sound and it’s all mic work up to there. That is until I watched the rest of the match and the finish is missing so, DO NOT BOTHER TO WATCH THIS PERIOD! You have been warned. The cameraman had changed position from the previous three way and is now stood in the Quartermaine/Peskin corner, pretty much right behind the man on the apron. Only about five minutes in does he realise it might be advantageous to move, or he’s just had enough of looking at the wrestler’s backs! Capone works the majority of the match for his team and doesn’t look good, with low lights including an ugly exchange when working a suplex reversal and some super slow roll up pin attempts. It’ll be interesting to see how he does against Barry Horowitz tomorrow. We don’t see much of Rogers, but he botches a springboard in one of his two visits into the ring. After an Irish whip, the video cuts right to the bald guy (who I think is Quartermaine) exiting and picking up a beer while his partner is crawling about in the ring and Capone and Rogers are nowhere to be seen. Again, don’t waste your time watching this.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-19-IPW-May Massacre] Tommy Rogers & Frankie Capone vs Buck Quartermaine & Mr Peskin

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