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[1986-01-11-WWF-Philadelphia, PA] Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake vs British Bulldogs

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF World Tag Team Champions Dream Team vs British Bulldogs - Philly 1/11/86


Not essential viewing by any means, but it is a good match. Dream Team bumrush the Bulldogs to start. Dynamite clotheslines The Hammer and Davey Boy comes in slams him. Valentine breaks out of a leg lace. After watching all this 80s stuff, Beefcake is not that bad. He is just pretty pedestrian, but he is not actively bad. They work over Davey Boy's legs. Valentine is by far the best wrestler in this match with his stooging, bumping, literally showing ass and hard hits. Dynamite is a good hot tag (thought I prefer Davey Boy's take on it honestly). Beefcake repeatedly chumps out of taking Dynamite's hooking clothesline, but I don't blame him it looks stiff as fuck. The finish is terrible. Valentine breaks up a pin and Bulldog acts like he has been knocked out cold. Then Dynamite delivers a flying headbutt to Beefcake. So Johnny V just waltzes in and blatantly gets DQ'd. If you are going to be that blatant then put some heat on it. Terrible finish aside this was perfectly fine pro wrestling. ***



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