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[2000-09-09-CZW-Cage of Death II...After Dark] Ryuji Yamakawa vs Zandig


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Something about the way this was filmed with the color distortion being off gave the match overall a grindhouse, pulp feel that enhanced the experience in this singular case. On top of that for two hardcore workers that aren’t darlings of their respective promotions in ring, this was a good match that had some brutal looking spots and kept the pace up. The match built up to the finale of Zandig doing the big powerbomb from the truck through the flaming tables and Zandig standing triumphantly with the CZW entrance sign in the background felt like one of the more astute shots in CZW history. *** (6.1)

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I just could not really get into this. Way too much wandering and plodding between weapon shots and, this isn't on the match, but the crowd on camera is just unbearable and grating. The culminating spot is really awesome, sure, but they also stand at the top of the truck just looking down at the table and waiting for it to get lit back up over and over again which completely killed any semblance of this being a real fight. For me, fun at best, but I wasn't feeling it much.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-CZW-Cage of Death II] Ryuji Yamakawa vs Zandig
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What is up with the picture quality on this?  It’s black & white and reminds me of one of those videos from the tape trading era that has been dubbed so many times that all the colour has washed away.  Is it so dark there now that this is the only way you can see what’s happening?  No is the answer to that, as eventually the picture does turn to colour before returning to b&w and alternating between the two for the rest of the match.  Some handheld lights are being used to try and illuminate proceedings (it is night time), however not only do these dazzle your eyes because they’re so bright but even with them it’s a real struggle to follow the action when the wrestlers leave the confines of the ring due to how dark it is.  Finally there is no commentary track either so you clearly pick up all the casual racism aimed at Yamakawa.  A combination of all of these things made this one giant slog to sit through.  I was zoning out after ten minutes and we weren’t even half way through at that point.  The finish is a mess as Zandig and Yamakawa end up on the roof of a ring truck where Zandig is supposed to press slam him from the roof and through two flaming tables stacked on top of each other below.  Robbie Moreno was in charge of lighting the tables but doesn’t use enough liquid as twice the fire goes out, Zandig and Yamakawa left to just stand and watch from the roof.  He finally manages it at the third attempt and Zandig then slams Ryuji through them as planned.  Not even that highlight reel finish made up for sitting through this one!

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-CZW-Cage of Death II...After Dark] Ryuji Yamakawa vs Zandig

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