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[1986-09-07-WWF-Wrestling Challenge] British Bulldogs vs The Moondogs

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF World Tag Team Champions British Bulldogs vs Moondogs - Championship Wrestling 9/7/86


I realized that my only major gap in the Bulldogs WWF career was the summer of 86 so basically their title reign. The majority of their title reign was facing three teams: Dream Team (great SNME match in the fall and unfortunately the cage matches didn't make tape), Hart Foundation (I have watched enough of their matches to last me a lifetime) and Sheik & Volkoff (I read my reviews and it didn't sound like that was worth revisiting). I saw they defended against the Moondogs at MSG on July 12, 1986, but couldn't find the match so I settled for this. I don't know if these are the original Moondogs; Rex I think was different. They looked great here. I have always dug their look. They adapted to the cartoony, less violent 80s WWF with a well executed moveset (suplexes, kneedrops), good cheating (tripping opponent) and giving plenty of hope spots. It was not the awesome Moondogs of Memphis, but I thought they were solid and I would have pushed them harder. The Bulldogs were fine. Mostly Dynamite in a heat segment. He is just useless at selling so I don't get the point. Davey Boy's hot tag (he is a great hot tag) was not as good as usual but good high vertical suplex from him as always on the big Moondog. Fracas breaks out and Davey Boy leaps over everyone with a crossbody to pick up the win. I liked the finish. Perfectly acceptable wrestling.

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