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[2000-09-09-NWA Wildside-TV] Onyx vs Gemini


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A fun angle starts with NWA Elite celebrating one year of Wildside and Steve Martin shooting that he runs the 3rd largest promotion in the US. Bill Beherens comes out to dispute what NWA Elite has to say and he gets jumped. THis leads to Al Getz leaving the booth and recruiting some faces from the locker room to chase the Elite off. Beherns and Getz share a handshake in a pretty big moment within the promotion.


Gemini's gimmick is interesting but the match didn't have much time to develop. I do want to see Onyx in a 15 minute match as from the quick glimpses, the potential is there and he knows how to play a heel character. Big schmozz at the finish with Bailey and Lazz getting involved. 1/2*



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Steve Martin and the NWA Elite (including the WCW Cole Twins!) are out to celebrate the one year anniversary of the NWA taking over what was formerly NCW.  Not much expense has been spent on those celebrations mind as only a handful of balloons and a bit of glitter drop from the ceiling!  Jeff G. Bailey says how they’re the envy of every other NWA promotion, while Martin says that he doesn’t need Bill Behrens telling him what to do, doesn’t need Howard Brody, there’s a new man in town and they’ve taken over.  Behrens, who is the Vice President of the NWA, joins them and pulls out a bunch of receipts that show Martin has been spending the company’s money on strip clubs, rental cars and items for his home.  He says that he didn’t give him the opportunity to run the company to inflate his ego, he did it because he thought he had what it takes to move it forward.  Now though he’s taking credit for things he had nothing to and informs him that he can be fired a quickly as he was hired.  Martin responds that they’re going nowhere, that with these men behind him the NWA doesn’t have a prayer and tells Bill Behrens “old man, your ass has been replaced”.  Behrens calls him an idiot and slaps him across the face but is quickly grabbed by the Cole Twins.  Bailey tells him that you don’t put your hands on Steve Martin before delivering a great looking superkick.  The rest of the Elite put the boots to Behrens as Jeff G. cuts another scathing promo.  Martin is about to brain him with a chair shot when the Boogalou Crew and Total Destruction run out and clear the ring, Al Getz having left his position at the commentary desk to get help.  Behrens and Getz then shake hands as the VP thanks those who came to his aid.

Gemini has got a cool look and sends Onyx retreating to the floor after a clothesline.  He acts as though he’s already had enough, heading towards the dressing room before Bailey calls him back.  As they talk on the outside, Gemini with a crossbody off the top turnbuckle.  Onyx blocks the attempted superplex, flips Gemini off and nails him with a missile dropkick, lifting his opponent up at the count of two preferring to dish out some more punishment.  Scoop powerslam and this time he doesn’t even bother with a cover.  Gemini reverses the Irish whip, modified Death Valley Driver and Bailey is in for the DQ.  Lazz makes the save and ends up lap dancing a trapped Onyx before kissing Jeff G.  He looks for a hug off Gemini as a ‘thank you’ for helping him out, but he’s clearly not as open minded as all the fans, bailing instead.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-09-NWA Wildside-TV] Onyx vs Gemini

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