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[2000-01-14-ECW-TNN] Super Crazy vs Little Guido


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Another strong outing from two of ECW's best workers during their decline. Really smooth action for the 7 minutes or so it lasted, although the match was probably closer to 10 minutes when the commercial break was factored in. I thought they used Big Sal well, as they usually do, here. Guido is just the ultimate wrestling mechanic, and Crazy looks great. Not an awful lot to say about this one, but it's one of the best WCW B-show matches that didn't happen all year. ***

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I value this kind of thing so much. Even when it sucks (this did not suck) I get a great look at two wrestlers involved doing their thing for 5 or so minutes (damn commercial break). This kind of match where I get to see two wrestlers got on the offensive, sell short-term, sell long-term, one plays face, one plays heel, one deals with manager, one deals with audience is monstrously important to how I judge a wrestler. These two here packed so much into such a fast-paced match, and for the most part I think they did a great job of not really overdoing it. E.g. I loved when Guido got his knees up for the split-legged moonsault but was still suffering from the previous moonsault. The match not ending after the DDT on the chair, or at least the Big Sal spot right after it, was some dumb shit but whatever I suppose, match had like two more spots to go. Guido seriously went in on the DDT. You get a perfect camera angle of his head landing and I grimaced a little at it. 

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