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[2000-01-23-WXO-TV] The Heartbreakers (Apollo & Adonis) vs The Bodies


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I have no clue who any of these guys are. My main takeaway was that maybe that bizarro tag from the previous week wasn't canned heat after all, because this was just faint noise, which between that and Chris Cruise announcing made it feel like a random episode of WCW Pro. Perfectly fine representation of the tag formula, but nothing special. Another testament to how effectively that formula can help matches along. Weird post-match angle I don't care about enough to recap. Skippable.

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Frankie Lancaster was the only one I was 100% certain of as one half of The Heartbreakers. I thought his partner had a look of Doug Williams about him, but surely not? I don't think the commentators actually even referenced The Bodies by their names at any point during the match, just referring to them as that. Again I thought one might have been Ace Steel, but I wouldn't be putting any money on it.

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According to Chris Cruise there’s no-one better to call tag team wrestling that his partner Stan Lane! The Heartbreakers are Apollo and Adonis (one of them being Frankie Lancaster and the other, after a bit of research, is Alex Porteau), and they’re managed by a woman called Geeamore. The Bodies are two guys with matching tights and identical haircuts, presumably made up to look like brothers, and I think the one is Ace Steel but don’t hold me to that. They rush to the ring and immediately take it to the Heartbreakers. The commentators aren’t referring to The Bodies by their individual names, making me wonder if they can’t identify who is who, or whether they simply weren’t given them. The match breaks down with all four men in the ring and with the official having lost control. The Heartbreakers whip The Bodies into one another, then what was supposed to be a double backdrop sees not-Ace Steel-Bodie land on his neck, only just tucking his head. Adam Pearce sneaks to ringside as Cruise talks about him being a Heartbreaker wannabe, but with the official distracted, Pearce nails Apollo with a missile dropkick and puts one of The Bodies on top of him. The ref turns around and counts the three as The Bodies get the win. Oddly they then attack Pearce after he’d helped them out, leading to Tommy Rogers making the save for his partner.


This was fundamentally structured and sound, but there was nothing to get overly excited about. Post-match made little sense with The Bodies attacking the man who’d just helped them win the match. Geeamore was also useless at ringside and her main contribution appeared to be giving the double thumbs down when anything would go against her men!

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-01-23-WXO-TV] The Heartbreakers (Apollo & Adonis) vs The Bodies

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