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[2008-02-08-ASW] American Dragon vs Robbie Dynamite

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Super glad I randomly ran into this match. It was a super fun one - Dragon played the classic, cheap tactic using, foreign heel in front of over 800 loud English fans. Loved his pre-match promo w/ him getting heat by of course praising 'Murica & talking crap about the fans in England. His version of the American National Anthem was beautiful as well. WWE should get him to do it at Mania next year. The actual match was your classic foreign heel going against the local hero bout w/ Dynamite getting a really good shine in & having Dragon in trouble for most of the match, until he managed to sneak that victory by using cheap tactics. Awesome stuff. Dynamite impressed, he came off as a very technically sound wrestler. Very enjoyable stuff overall & like I said, I am super glad I ran into a link to this. Had a blast watching it. Very fun to see Bryan play a character like this. ***3/4


Other wrestlers who were featured on this show: Jean-Pierre LaFitte, Gangrel, Marty Scurll, Nick Aldis aka Magnus, Doug Williams, Robbie Brookside & The Bambikiller. Quite the cast there.

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