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[2017-03-04-CaraLucha] Skyman vs Saturno

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First time I have ever seen either of these guys.


This is like the Cara Lucha version of the Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi matches in that is two luchadors going absolutely crazy and killing themselves for the audience. This is in the Cara Lucha concrete arena and after a short indy respect sequence opener these two just flip the switch and start killing themselves with some of the most insane dives and head drops you will see in modern lucha. It's like late 90's AJPW bombfests meet early 2000's US indies head-drops meets 2010's lucha. I mean that in a good way although it has the obvious downsides.


I think I use ***3/4 ratings as a way to say "this isn't a classic, but worth watching" and I think people should watch this match but I still don't know what I make of it.


Fun. No rating.

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Yeah, glad I watched this. Definitely not "good" in any traditional sense, but totally worth a look to see what kind of insane shit kids are doing on Mexican indies in an attempt at standing out from the pack. Filed squarely in the Fun And Stupid category.

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