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  1. Tawren

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    The numbers, like how many were they selling. I'd be really interested to know how much Danielson vs Liger sold compared to Joe vs Kobashi, or Joe vs Punk 2. Or how the CZW Cage of Death did, or Glory By Honor 2006. It would be interesting to know how many people were actually watching this back then.
  2. Tawren

    AJPW video quality

    What is Lynch's email again? Does he still have the same catalogue. I remember receiving that thing in the mail like a brick.
  3. Tawren

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I've been wondering this forever...has it ever come out what ROH's distribution was from 2004-2007 when they artistically and storyline peaked? For their DVDs and VHS releases. And how did that compare to 2002-2004 when RF was running and distributing the shows.
  4. Tawren

    PWO Appreciation Thread

    Just want to join in on the chorus...this is a great forum and I always enjoy checking in and reading everyone's opinions. I wish I had posted more over the years, maybe this is a good time to get more involved. It's always fun when I'm getting into a wrestler or match series or era and to come to PWO and check on what people said in the GWE forum on that person, or the match forum, or if there's a historical review with people who were there and know this stuff better than anyone. It's a real pleasure. Cheers everyone.
  5. Tawren

    Wrestlemania 34

    Just tuning in...I really like that set. Looks really good.
  6. Tawren

    The 10,000 person crowd

    How did ROH do when they brought in Blue Panther and other luchadores maybe 5 years ago? I recall the 'crossover' idea didn't really work - but I also doubt they promoted it well.
  7. Tawren

    Current New Japan

    Two things: 1) Jay White really sucks. He might get better. But right now he really sucks. No presence, no charisma, lame moves. But it feels like the hardcore audience is starting to get behind him, and NJPW is into him, so I wonder if we'll see the hardcore opinion shift and he'll turn into an 'underrated favourite'. Look for it. 2) NJPW needs to do some shorter main events or NEVER matches. Run a 10-minute Goto vs whoever bombfest or something, or Okada beats the NJ Cup winner with an early rainmaker. The crowd was dead for the early pacing of Okada vs Sanada, and it feels to me like they are nearing that cliff. Insane NJPW main events are still fun to me, but they need to have some earlier finishes or some of these crazy moves end a match to make the crowd buy into it.
  8. Yeah it's a weird list. It's interesting to pick through. I'm surprised some of the 'classic indy' matches aren't on there - Punk's major WWE matches vs Cena, Lesnar, Taker are on but not Punk vs Joe from 2004? And there's no way on a poll of that size, that the majory of people on R/SC have seen 29) PWG World Championship: Chris Hero © vs. Bryan Danielson - September 4, 2009 - there's just no way. Especially with how many modern WWE and NJPW matches are in the top 50. So it's interesting to see what matches are highly regarded as classics and get votes just because of that aura and I'm really surprised Hero/Danielson from 2009 PWG is there. It's really good though.
  9. Tawren

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Unmasked Dr Wagner Jr as an old-school well dressed luchador is one of my favourite weird things.
  10. Tawren

    Current New Japan

    Yeah, de-escalating the Hiromu push was strange to me. Especially after the 2 minute Kushida squash I thought they were going all-in on Hiromu as a dominant ace, and instead they had him as almost a pure comedy guy after.
  11. Is there a reason they haven't tried to monetize the 2002-07 era archive over the recent period? Did it just take them forever to get up and running? It's still not confirmed those shows will be available. It feels like they are leaving lots of money on the table.
  12. It's weird (in a good way) to see a modern match with almost no variation in opinion - this match is amazing and everyone knows it. From the moment it started. Gargano is an amazing babyface and Almas is a great heel with one of my favourite movesets. The double knees are brutal and the finish into the LED post was just the most savage spot, sold incredibly, created well, great crowd reaction. All the moves and strikes were so hard in a way modern indy and NJPW strikes aren't really. Segunda Caida put it well as they often do: "this is what New Japan fans see when they watch a New Japan main event". Except everyone can see this which is such a sign of a great job by Gargano and Almas. Seriously one of my favourite matches, potentially ever. *****
  13. Like many things with WWE, it's mind boggling that they didn't come back for a major event in Calgary based around the Stampede. This crowd is absolutely insane. I agree with some great points in this thread: it's like the real end of Stampede, it's a goodbye to the territory, it's an amazing spectacle, the crowd is insane, the Hart Foundation entrance is one of the best entrances ever. Vince McMahon is great on commentary. The match itself is good, the work feels disjointed but not in a bad way. But this match isn't about the match, it's about the crowd and the intensity and the Hart's. Must-see.
  14. Tawren

    What are you watching?

    Watched Undertaker vs Vader from Canadian Stampede 1997. That crowd was wild - we will never see a crowd like that in Canada/USA again. Good match, Paul Bearer is outstanding, Taker and Vader exchange blows, and a good finish with two chokeslams and a tombstone for a clean win. Vader's WWF run is all what-if but he was good in 1997, and Taker had a great 1997. Imagine that Taker in AJPW in 1997-99, going over with or instead of Vader. That would have been interesting.
  15. I was into the build and excited for the match, but wary of Jericho's ability. 1) he's 47, 2) he's never really been that good anyway, 3) Omega is either great or terrible, 4) how would the Dome crowd react? This blew away my expectations. Jericho brought the heel act fully and was a great jerk, and Omega played into the brawl style well. Lots of crazy moves and big spots, and the crowd got really into the match. Best spots were the early Lionsault, Jericho giving the Walls to the refs son, Jericho throwing Omega into the chair, and the finish. Felt a bit too long, but it was a spectacle, so I really didn't care. This was something special - Omega isn't my favourite, but he has incredible matches for his style, and Jericho had his best performance of all time. I wouldn't go 5 stars. But it's a really interesting match that everyone should see I think.