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Superstar Sleeze

[2008-02-17-WWE-No Way Out] Edge vs Rey Mysterio

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World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs Rey Mysterio - No Way Out 2008


The Edge/Vickie stuff from the video package looks glorious. I absolutely love that type of heel shit. Vickie takes the West Coast Pop in a wheelchair! She was in the wheelchair because she sacrificed herself for Edge to take the 619. I love it. The Valentine's Day proposal, man, Edge might suck in the ring but he has a knack for this.


Mysterio had a legitmate torn bicep and even with that he is a better pro wrestler than Edge. He actually gets the majority of the offense. Rana early has to use the left hand to punch. Edge hits a big boot and throws him into the stairs. Edge cant even properly apply a wristlock. What a joke. Edge posts himself and Rey hits a moonsault and a tornado DDT as hope spots. He dials up 619 but cant follow it up. Edge spears him out of mid-air. Basically this shows that Rey with a torn bicep and in excoriating pain is a better wrestler than Edge.

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