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Phil Schneider

[2013-12-14-Tokyo Gurentai] Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Masaaki Mochizuki

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This is about as great a six minute match as you are going to get. This was worked on UWF rules and is a classic Fujiwara story as the sneaky veteran is taking on the powerhouse kicker. Mochizuki unloads some really big shots, organ shifting body kicks, dental work knees. Meanwhile Fujiwara was trying to survive the onslaught and look for openings. I loved how when he maneuvered Mochizuki in the corner, he mixed in some liver shots with his body shots, he knew he wasn't going to stop this beast with power, but a perfectly placed kidney shot might. Finish was an all timer, Mochizuki goes up for his rope climb knee strike and Fujiwara shifts slightly and catches his knee in almost a calf slicer and just cranks it until Mochizuki taps. After reviewing over a hundred Fujiwara matches, shocked he can still find ways to surprise me.

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