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[2000-12-23-NWA Wildside-Christmas Chaos] A.J. Styles vs Air Paris


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-23-NWA Wildside] A.J. Styles vs Air Paris
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Two men who have both failed in their recent attempts to dethrone Sabu for the NWA World title.  Steve Martin replaces Dan ‘the Dragon’ Wilson on commentary and promises that they’re going to finish Air Paris once and for all, a guy who has been a troublemaker in Wildside since day one.  Styles slides under the ropes to the outside, he’s not getting a breather here though, Paris nailing him with a baseball slide that sends him backwards over the barricade into the first row.  Jeff G. Bailey does what Jeff G. does, interfering when the referee’s back is turned.  Steven Prazak hopes that Martin isn’t going to be interfering too and that we’ll get a clean finish tonight.  Paris kicks A.J. in the groin as Bailey looks over towards Martin, almost as if he’s looking at him for help.  Martin is sticking to his guns, at least for the time being, saying he’s going to let Styles take care of him, he doesn’t need to do anything.  Air lifts Styles up onto his shoulders into a torture rack position, but A.J. fires off some punches to free himself.  Samoan drop into a stunner by Styles.  More interference courtesy of Jeff G., putting the boots in after Paris had been thrown to the floor.  Another low blow and Bailey is getting more and more infuriated with the referee as he misses seeing the ‘cheap shot’ again.  I know, the irony.  Paris with a huracanrana, but even though A.J. dumps him out over the top rope, Air holds on and takes him out with him.  Styles crotches him over the barricade before collecting a table from the back of the building.  Air blocks the attempted suplex and reverses things, suplexing A.J. onto the wooden floor.  Slingshot somersault legdrop.  He repositions that table but perhaps should’ve continued the attack as Styles low blows him.  No complaining from Bailey about that one!  A.J. climbs the turnbuckles only for Paris to start firing back and, with both stood on the top turnbuckle, they fall out to ringside going through the table.  That did have a look of when Rocco Rock and 2 Cold Scorpio went through three tables at the ECW Arena.  ‘Death Valley Driver’ by Paris followed by a superkick, which A.J. takes a great bump from.  Styles with a rolling German, he then holds on and pancakes Paris to the mat.  Jeff G. throws his man a chair, the ref for unknown reasons letting this go.  It doesn’t matter though as Air kicks it into his face anyway.  As he heads up top, Bailey gives him a shove causing him to come crashing down hard.  Swanton bombm for a near fall.  A suicideplex takes it out of both men, however Paris unknowingly drapes an arm over A.J. and Styles is so out of it that his shoulders get counted to the mat for three.  Bailey assaults referee Jimmy Rivers post-match and then start pummelling Paris, while Steve Martin leaves the commentary desk to join the fun.  After Onyx makes it three-on-one, John Phoenix and Adam Jacobs even things up.  The Cole Twins puts the advantage back in the Elite’s favour when... Bob Sapp is out for the save!!!  Sapp looks ginormous, dwarfing the Boogaloo Crew (and I thought Scotty Wrenn was a big dude) who he is with, the Elite fleeing the moment they set eyes on him. 

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-12-23-NWA Wildside-Christmas Chaos] A.J. Styles vs Air Paris

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