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[2000-10-22-GAEA] Devil Masami & Mayumi Ozaki vs Sugar Sato & Chiyako Nagashima


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This had a couple of small little things that prevent it from being great but overall it was a really exciting tag match and when it got into the ring it became very dramatic. Chiyako gets worked over for most of the match and Ozaki and Devil still have their psychology down in being menacing bullies. The hope spots are planned well and the upset roll through on Ozaki was both shocking and refreshing in a pleasant manner. If you cut down some the crowd brawling nonsense early on and added a few minutes, this could have been a classic tag. As a standalone, it is still really damn good. ***3/4 (7.3)

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I always liked the team of Nagashima, and Sato and Ozaki vs. Nagashima is almost always worth watching, so I was looking forward to this. The match was worked at a cracking pace and there was a lot of great teamwork from both combinations. Ozaki and Nagashima were every bit as good as I expected. They fought tooth and nail the entire way. They match up well in terms of size and both women are relentless in attack. Nagashima was the Queen of Reversals and here they had an extra edge to them. They seemed nasty and uncooperative and even the sloppy ones seemed gritty. Sato's role was to neutralise Masami, which is no task, but they played up her power and size a lot and she got two big moves on Devil. The young girls' strategy paid off in the end and it was great to see them get the win. A few more nearfalls would have made for an even better match but there was a long mic performance at the end. I quite like the faction of bitchy veterans in GAEA even if they're all well past their prime. This had much better booking than that Maekawa/Watanabe nonsense.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-22-GAEA] Devil Masami & Mayumi Ozaki vs Sugar Sato & Chiyako Nagashima

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