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[2000-10-22-ECW-Hardcore TV] Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Balls Mahoney


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A nonmatch as Balls and Tajiri only go after it for 2 minutes before the FBI runs in. This leads to Chilly Willy and Da Baldies coming out and the match is mayhem. The big culmination is the Da Baldies sending Balls through a flaming table with a double powerbomb. I’m disappointed as Balls vs Tajiri straight up as an 8 minute match sounds like a ton of fun. ½*

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-10-22-ECW-Hardcore TV] Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Balls Mahoney
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Balls is wearing a patch over his eye after the events at Anarchy Rulz where Da Baldies took a staple gun to it.  Tajiri takes advantage of that lack of vision, bringing him to his knees with a bevy of kicks.  Not fancying his chances he crawls over to the corner to grab his steel chair.  He swings at Tajiri who ducks out the way and blows the mist in his face, blinding his other eye.  Tarantula, when out from the back runs the FBI who jump them both.  Tajiri is the one they’re interested in, attacking him like they had done to his partner Mikey Whipwreck previously, while it’s a case of wrong place wrong time for Balls.  Chilly Willy makes the save and he takes care of Guido and Mamaluke with a ‘Butt Butt’ and Falcon Arrow respectively.  Big Sal looks to have him cornered but Willy avoids his charge and, as he staggers, Balls kills him with a chair shot.  Da Baldies are next out but they too get drilled, only after getting a shot in on Chilly first.  Balls collects a table from under the ring which he drenches with lighter fuel.  He’s got DeVito set for a powerbomb when Angel clocks him from behind with a chair.  That looked hideous as the shot was too high and part of it caught Balls on the back of his head.  DeVito empties what’s left of the lighter fluid onto the table before setting it alight and then powerbombing Balls through it. 

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