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[2000-10-23-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs HHH vs Kurt Angle


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Kurt's title celebration was well done. The confetti and balloons were over the top and Kurt continues to be able to fill up time and exude his charisma of part goofy but also someone to be taken serious given his legitimate background. Foley adds to this and plays off of him well as he sets up the 3 way for later on in the show. HHH and Steph are backstage and we get HHH telling Steph for the 100th time that he doesn't want her out at ringside. The match starts and it is SummerSlam lite with HHH working a slightly more face style. He ends up in the Angle role here of being knocked out with the ring bell and stretchered up the ramp with Stephanie by his side. While this is going on, Angle gets the Olympic Slam on Rock and has the pin. HHH comes off the stretcher and makes a big return to the ring. Then we get a series of big moves where HHH and Rock have to break up each others pin. Rikishi runs down and wallops Angle to protect The Rock for the DQ. Angle is happy to escape and hightails it up the ramp when the glass shatters to a huge pop. I loved Austin in full run clotheslining Angle on the ramp and then having a go at Rikishi before he bails. Austin is celebrating with the crowd in a fun moment as the show goes off the air. **1/ 2

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