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[1991-08-01-RINGS] Akira Maeda vs Dick Vrij


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Whereas Maeda was the cool elder statesman of their first encounter, Vrij turned on his cybernetic eye and zeroed in on Maeda with some heavy strikes, in a display of total aggression and dominance. He’s relentless with his kicks and knees, even against the ropes, almost knocking Maeda out of the ring at one point. He continues to be a shithead here with his slaps and he really pops Maeda’s legs with those kicks. I thought Maeda’s selling was pretty great as he gets cut down and limps back to his feet. He doesn’t get much off on Dick in terms of offense, aside from a half hatch suplex into an armbar. But Dick escapes and promptly destroys him to even the series. Not as good as their first encounter but still a pretty fun match.

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Vrij wasting no time here, going straight for Maeda and laying into him with strikes, getting a knockdown with Maeda hurting his knee which Vrij would target in the match. Loved Vrij’s constant hurrying, forcing Maeda into a corner where he would load with brutal kicks and knees to the body. It all finally paid off when Maeda suffered his fifth down which won Vrij the match. Maeda was overwhelmed from the start and despite the crowd getting behind him, he fell. Thought this was better than the first match which says a lot.

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