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[1991-09-14-RINGS] Willie Peeters vs Bert Kops Jr


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Going in, I had no idea who Bert Kops Jr. was but I liked the name (I like all juniors) and I liked what he brought to the match. Awesome full-rotation takedowns, deadlift suplexes and some heavy kicks compared to Willie’s more light-footed approach. Peeters is such a lovable dweeb. Between his fake out punches, his anxious defense, and his shitty little strikes to the face, you can’t not love him. He incorporates a lot of fancy movements, which are more pretty than effective, but he does land some hard strikes, including a big knee to Bert's face that wins him the match. A fun, fast-paced match worth checking out from an otherwise disappointing show.

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Awesome scrap. Never been Bert Kops Jr before but he was fun. He hit some lovely body throws and slams. Peeters hit some lovely counter strikes including an uppercut (w/ a closed fist) after taking one of the throws. They were matching each other, cancelling each other out with headlocks, ground and pounds, constantly struggling for control. The KO at the end was brutal with Peeters laying a few shots in before hit a nasty knee to the face of Kops.

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