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[2017-03-25-Lucha Memes] Virus vs Prayer


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Nothing like watching Virus earning himself a paycheck. You could probably stick him against any half competent dude and get a strong 20 minute match out of it. And that's pretty much what happens here. Prayer doesn't exactly leave a huge impression, occasionally Virus would feed him holds and he'd do rudimentary reversals or try a move of his own. But mostly he was there as the local guy for the fans to rally behind against the nationally recognized master, and get yanked around and stretched for the 20 minutes duration. Virus is skillful enough to sink into tricked out and painful looking submissions on any unsuspecting guy and there was plenty of that to behold. Prayer does get the odd nice run of offense, but the outcome was never in doubt. You may decide whether this kind of match is proof of Virus' greatness or just the standard output of craftsman who knows what he's doing in and out, but no matter what I'm going to enjoy this show.

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What still stands out to me, months later, is how Virus was feeding Prayer holds.


Honestly, I'd go a step ahead of Jetlag and say that Virus is one of the best ever at getting a strong match from inferior workers - he's been doing it for years in CMLL (Fuego et al). What sets Virus apart is that he doesn't necessarily play to his opponent's strengths (I think Virus' matches are heavily formulaic) but he's so great at controlling matwork that he pretty much carries the proverbial broomstick in his matches. I'm not going to call Prayer a broomstick, as he's not the worst Virus has stepped up with, but this is the match that most stood out to me in terms of Virus putting Prayer into position, locking himself into "Prayer's" holds and moving the matwork along. Kenny Omega gets a lot of praise for wrestling a doll but this was far more impressive to me.


While I never thought this match etched past good it made me appreciate Virus a lot more than I had (and he's someone I already listed high on my GWE "list"). Yeah, I decided that this match is proof of Virus' greatness.

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