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[1992-03-05-RINGS] Akira Maeda vs Ramazi Buzariashvili


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Buzariashvili is such a shitbag here, blowing off Maeda’s kicks, taunting him or waving at the fans like a dope. Of course, he’s not going to trade kicks with Maeda so he opts to suplex>submit him instead, delivering a cool belly-to-belly>armbar and his own version of the capture suplex>front necklock. The struggle on the mat really added to the bigger narrative, as Maeda has to contend with him on the ground because his kicks aren’t effective. He’s able to catch him in that nasty facelock he likes to utilize every now and then but Ramazki makes the ropes. In the end, all that provoking bites Ramazi in the ass…or rather, the face, as Maeda catches him with a snug kick to the chin. a few knees, and second face kick. The finish sucks though. Maeda gets him in the single leg, trips while trying to maintain control, and Ramazi still taps out.

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Wow, this was a match I wasn't expecting. Thrilling bout from start to almost finish (the ending was fluffed). Buzariashvili is someone I've never heard of before but he was really good in the match. Some of his suplexes were tremendous, like the belly to belly suplex to Maeda early in the match. His grappling was good, nothing looked too loose and he was a bit of a personality too with his gloating and his kicks to Maeda’s stomach which were almost petty like. Maeda looked for the openings and relied on a few nasty kicks to the chin of Buzariashvili before getting the win which like I said was a bit messy. Great stuff, I thought. 

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