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[1991-07-26-PWFG-One For All and All For One] Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Masakatsu Funaki


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Not great but it wasn't bad...it was solid. They work the mat to start, mostly fighting over leglocks, before Funaki starts in with the smacks and kicks, knocking Fujiwara on his ass. He comes at him with a big flurry of kicks and while Fujiwara's able to a catch a leg, he can't follow up with the leg trip and Funaki ends up taking him back down to the mat. One of the best moments of the match comes when Fujiwara's trying to get a hold of Funaki's leg while he's on the ground and Funaki pops him in the face with a defensive shin, once again dropping Funaki on his ass. Funaki doesn't let up, catching him with a hard slap in the face against the ropes and a kick to the face for another knock down. Then he unloads a barrage of body shots, open hands, kicks, but Fujiwara's a resilient and wily old fuck and won't fall. So when Funaki goes for the double leg takedown, Fujiwara snags his arm with his leg for the submission victory. Of course, Fujiwara pulls it out in the end.end.

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Fujiwara can be pretty domineering in matches but he was playing outgunned to a t here. Right from the first exchange Fujiwara is selling big for sympathy, wincing when Funaki body punches him etc. Funaki pretty much dominates all on the mat and in the standup though Fujiwara clocks him with a big headbutt at one time. Fujiwara even catches a nasty kick while working for an ankle hold. Then Funaki keeps stringing these brilliant combos together until he shoots for a takedown at the wrong time. Pretty brilliant selling from Fujiwara and Funaki is such a stud, I don't get why he quit pro wrestling to do a bunch of fixed MMA, sure he made a ton of money doing that, but he could've made a ton of money fighting Hashimoto in the Tokyo Dome aswell.

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