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With so many new business models popping up in wrestling lately -- like the planned 'The Elite' self-promoted show later this year -- I've been wondering how close we have ever gotten to a collectivist wrestling promotion. What I mean by this is a "a promotion run and owned democratically by the talent themselves".

The best I can come up with is early PWG, but even then outside of the first few shows there was only ever a small number of roster members making decisions -- Super Dragon, Joey Ryan, Lost, and Excalibur as far as I understand it. And later it would seem that most of the power collected in the hands of Super Dragon.

Is this really the closest we have gotten to a collectively run wrestling promotion on a scale of any real note? Is pro-wrestling culture predisposed to reject this sort of organization more so than other entertainment industries?

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I think American Luchacore was something like this, run by Sami Callihan and a few other wrestlers. There is lots of DIY / work splitting going on in many independents, with wrestlers doing various tasks to save money, but I'm not sure if this really qualifies as collectivist.


I think it may have something to do with most wrestlers not having a clue about all the paperwork and organization that goes into running events, let alone doing it in such a way that they make money. Also, wrestlers are crazy and can't get along.

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