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[2006-04-30-WWE-Backlash] Mickie James vs Trish Stratus


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Just been watching through the 2006 stuff and didn't know about this match until now. They only get 4 minutes but really make the most of the time they've got. Makes me regret these two never had a chance to have a match longer than 9 minutes, they're clearly quite good and have chemistry, but every match I've seen so far feels more like a good prelude to a big blowoff which never happened.


This is a decent brawl. It's impressive how quickly they get a tepid crowd into it, I'm talking 1 minute here. Trish is in control in the beginning of the match throwing nice forearms, a matrix escape into a hurricanrana spot and an Austin-style Lou Thesz press off the apron to the floor followed up with punches. Mickie works that she's afraid and spends the whole time cowering until she manages to throw Trish off the corner down to the floor (quite a big bump) and takes control of the match targetting Trish's hurt arm.


Then Mickie chokes Trish, doesn't answer to the 5 count and gets disqualified and the match is over already! Damn man.


**3/4 I think is a fair rating, but you know this would probably have been a really good match if it wasn't cut so short.

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